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Ensuring configurations remain in a known, compliant state

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Maintain Configuration Consistency With Compliance as Code

Configuration drift can happen, even in the most consistently configured shops. When you start with a consistent, compliant build, it’s much easier to identify and remediate configuration drift. We help you constantly monitor your environment with tools like AWS Config to ensure your configurations stay in a known, good, compliant state. And we help you achieve compliance as code.

By codifying your desired configuration state in AWS Config, you will automatically scan for system state changes, and remediate them with pre-defined actions. Our certified AWS consultants can help you achieve continuous compliance to desired configuration states, meeting internal standards and regulatory requirements. See how we can help you meet your development, production and security configuration goals.

NTT DATA is named an AWS APN Premier Consulting Partner. – January 2021

Key Benefits

Actively track the configurations of your AWS resources automatically, assessing them against your desired, best practice settings.

Offering Details

Your configuration management best practices help ensure consistency through standardization, reduce risk and sustain compliance. When best practices and configuration management combine with the advantages of AWS-based DevOps automation, the efficacy of operations and security

grows and development efforts are streamlined, growing efficiency and innovation. Configuration management is an essential component in automating continuous compliance within your AWS environment. Build on this foundation with NTT DATA’s AWS services that can

help you achieve compliance as code. Understand with automated monitoring when a configuration has drifted from a known, good state and quickly return it to compliance, ensuring near continuous configuration compliance.