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Achieve Serverless Database Scalability for Dynamic Demand

Databases are the lifeblood of enterprise information systems. Yet, not all databases are created equal. In addition to serving different functions, they can demand different levels of management, configuration, and provisioning. Cloud-based databases and the infrastructure they rely upon must be flexible and scalable enough to grow as business data expands while providing security levels needed for proprietary, confidential information.

Our experienced AWS consultants can help you achieve these goals in your AWS environment with Amazon Aurora. A relational database designed for the cloud, Amazon Aurora balances scale with cost to efficiently serve globally distributed applications. When paired with cloud-native services, Amazon Aurora provides a serverless environment where databases can automatically start, scale and stop to meet dynamic application demand.

NTT DATA is named an AWS APN Premier Consulting Partner. – January 2021

Key Benefits

Whether it’s a new implementation, or a migration, meet your application demands for high availability, scalability and security with Amazon Aurora.

Offering Details

NTT DATA’s AWS consulting services build high performance, self-healing, scalable AWS solutions that enable you to manage your infrastructure with increased agility. Amazon Aurora serves as a main backend database for successful AWS implementations, offering

high performance, lower cost, scalability, and failover/DR capabilities. Amazon Aurora’s level of automated provisioning, patching, backup, recovery, failure detection and repair decreases maintenance while freeing resources to speed innovation and time-to-market. A part of a

best practice architecture for extreme scalability, availability, and fault tolerance, Amazon Aurora offers mission-critical reliability, security and availability. See how we take advantage of AWS database services to ensure the continuous improvement of your database performance.