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Increase Agility, Scale and Innovation with SaaS

SaaS delivers clear cost, time, management, and scalability advantages for both the software provider and its customers. Yet designing and building the cloud infrastructure to support a SaaS application can be challenging as enterprises must simultaneously focus on creating a secure, scalable, available, and effective cloud foundation.

SaaS applications benefit from AWS scalability, resiliency and security, allowing providers to focus on software innovation. This increased agility, powered with AWS advanced services, allows you to more easily expand your geographic reach while exploring new business and revenue models. Accelerate time to market with a secure, agile, operationally efficient SaaS application on AWS.

NTT DATA earned the AWS SaaS Competency, which demonstrates our expertise in building SaaS applications in AWS. – November 2020

Key Benefits

Whether migrating a legacy application to the cloud or building a new cloud-native service, start right with our trusted advisors who can help you along the entire software development lifecycle.

Offering Details

Our AWS certified teams help design and build cloud foundations for SaaS products on AWS, more quickly enabling new digital business models. We help customers design, write, deploy, operate and optimize SaaS applications on AWS. By building in intelligent

automation and compliance, we help enterprises accelerate cloud transformation, grow innovation, and build long-term agility. Using Agile methodologies, microservices and test-driven development, we design and build complete architectures for cloud-native

AWS applications. Our deep expertise supports the product development lifecycle, allowing clients to seamlessly migrate legacy applications to cloud-native SaaS applications while giving them the skills and tools to lead ongoing digital software innovation.