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Establish and Scale Enterprise DevOps on AWS

Preparing to adopt DevOps can be a challenge for organizations of any size. DevOps at scale can be daunting, especially for large enterprises with complex systems, complicated processes and a great deal of technical debt. Companies that adopt DevOps are better able to support digital business with continuous efforts to support deployment, quality, security and efficiency.

Increase enterprise agility with automation and processes using AWS advanced services that help you scale, respond and outperform the competition. Specifically, AWS technologies help organizations apply DevOps processes within their organizations to deliver applications and services at high velocity. See how AWS tools can help teams realize DevOps best practices like CI/CD or IaC within their organizations.

NTT DATA earned the AWS DevOps Competency, demonstrating our expertise in deploying DevOps at scale for AWS environments. – November 2020

Key Benefits

Start DevOps projects right with trusted advisors who can increase the success of DevOps adoption. Partner with highly technical AWS certified engineers and architects who have undertaken hundreds of AWS DevOps projects.

Offering Details

Our AWS DevOps services help teams achieve DevOps at scale. Our best-practice approach extends DevOps across the enterprise by identifying shared patterns among revenue-generating applications while developing application patterns that meet security and business

requirements. Our experienced architects guide the selection of first mover applications to test the process, learn and achieve a successful pilot project. We help create processes to improve skills, culture and overall adoption. Our collaboratively designed

AWS architectures include effective DevOps toolchains using AWS native services and third-party technologies that help you achieve CI/CD. Our enterprise DevOps platform increases automation, consistency, governance, and efficiency for mass migration.