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Overcome today’s business challenges with our complete testing solutions for the development, modernization and maintenance of your application portfolio. Our global team of quality assurance (QA) and testing experts combine industry domain expertise with reusable automation frameworks, tools and solution accelerators to manage and monitor the entire testing lifecycle.

We help your organization adapt to constant business and platform changes while enhancing the quality of your software applications by leveraging agile, DevOps, artificial intelligence, automation and governance. We also align test relevance to your business operations and deliver stable and secure applications to meet your customer expectations with our comprehensive managed testing services.

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Functional Testing and Blockchain

Testing and quality assurance are crucial for any blockchain implementation. We took a close look at the functional aspects of testing a sample application, and from there, we determined some key recommendations to help you find success in blockchain.


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Optimize application quality and get to market faster with our cost-effective, end-to-end test automation solutions.

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Improve ROI, time-to-market and quality using automation, AI, machine learning, big data, robotics and DevOps.

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Address staffing need variability and retain core engagement knowledge with our experienced delivery team.

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Gain a complete understanding of your program performance levels, including KPIs, metrics, SLAs and risks.