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The Customer Friction Factor

Identify and mitigate high-friction areas to creating a superior experience and foster customer loyalty

Our Customer Friction FactorSM  assessment consultants  deliver information relevant to evaluate your business/customer interactions that negatively impact the customer experience

As we move into the digital world, every aspect of your business is becoming customer oriented and self-service. If you’re not the easiest company to work with across all channels, your competition, including disrupters, will make it their business to be.

By clearly quantifying your brand’s customer frustration level, using our unique analytical scoring approach and tools, Our Customer Friction Factor SM service consultants will give you all the information you need to begin mitigating your customer’s frustration levels — improving your customers’ experiences, increasing their loyalty and delighting your customers.

An evaluation of customer frustration begins by introducing your organization to the Customer Friction FactorSM service. We will help you determine which transactions should be measured.

Build the Case for Customer Centric Transformation.


We can help you


Understand the hand-offs between organizations and people


See the number of customer-driven steips and use of misdirection


Document the number of keystrokes, pages engaged and load times


Understand the ecosystem, including active/passive knowledge transfer and information that's not auto-populated

Your Customers Are Experiencing Friction — Now What?

CFFSM Assessment helped a luxury vehicle manufacturer identify friction points for technicians trying to access customer and technical information


Reduce Friction to Delight Your Customers

Good or bad, the interactions we have with companies – online, onsite, on the phone – stick with us and influence our buying behavior.