Digital Cloud

    Cloud configuration errors are a growing risk. To help, we’ve compiled a list of strategies and tactics your team can employ to proactively reduce the likelihood of misconfiguration errors in your environment.

    Landing Zone lit up at night with crescent moon

    Having a well-architected, designed and deployed Azure landing zone is critical to cloud success. Ensure a sound foundation with these fundamental architecture patterns and design principles. 

    Racks of servers with digital upload sign in the middle of a digital cloud

    Read how one utility freed up critical IT team time by automating the onboarding of workloads to Microsoft Azure, ensuring security and increasing its ability to scale.

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    Cloud-based innovation doesn't come from lifting and shifting what you already have into the cloud. Instead, shift your IT culture and mindset, focusing on how the cloud can serve the business. 

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    Does the new AWS SaaS Boost deliver on its promise to accelerate the migration of monolithic applications to a SaaS model? Read the results of our test drive.

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    Manufacturers that align technology to both the pace of business operations and as a catalyst for business transformation lead the industry. Learn how they drive business value from their cloud investments.

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    AWS CloudFormation Modules help improve reusability of infrastructure as code and ensure best practice values across AWS CloudFormation templates.

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    Help stay compliant to your organization’s security posture with these nine principles to effective secrets management.

    Mini Computer Chips with Cloud Images

    With new services and additional tiers, backup and recovery are different in the cloud. Learn how to meet your RTO and RPO goals cost effectively in the cloud.

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    The transition to work from home can be challenging if you work with specialized tools. Such  was the case for one team of researchers. Read how they used remote workstations to keep connected with their AI models and GPU workloads.

    Good and Bad Barometer

    Stop focusing on technology goals and measuring success against them. Instead, focus on serving business objectives with technology. Here's how.

    Man wearing hard hat looking at data on multiple computer screens

    Competing with established, decades-old market leaders, this building supply company sought to evolve its IT department to proactively drive business.  Read how it gained business agility through AWS services that allowed it to quickly spin up scalable applications to address rapidly changing customer buying behaviors.

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    Data lakehouses combine the best of data warehousing and data lakes to help organizations quickly query massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. Read on for a deeper analysis of their differences and benefits.

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    Use the OODA Loop and cloud computing to address new, unforeseen market changes with business agility.

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    What roles should hybrid and multi-cloud play in your cloud adoption strategy? Use these key questions and seven considerations to help determine how your enterprise should approach its cloud journey.