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    Read how a Ubuntu upgrade gave this developer 40% more time to dedicate to strategic work while growing security and improving its testing regime.

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    Cloud elasticity helps organization's obtain greater uptime, fault tolerance, and business continuity. Yet, spanning across regions for even greater application availability has been a challenge. Read how that's changing with federated Kubernetes clusters using EKS and KubeFed.

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    As part of a five year strategic initiative to modernize, NTT DATA worked with a leading financial services firm to to bring their data into a Snowflake data lake on AWS, helping accelerate the hydration of the data lake, achieving faster time to value.

    DevOps Adoption Case Study Developing a Tomcat Cloud Migration

    Cloud migrations can seem like complicated tasks and AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN), a newly offered migration service, helps remove the complication.

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    Start your cloud journey off on the right foot with this starter guide. Learn the right mindset approaches and essential elements for the journey ahead.

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    An AWS data lake is a great migration strategy for data storage, especially when moving to a data lakehouse. Shorten the journey with these four steps.

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    The May 12th Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity pushes agencies to cloud modernization. The benefits extend far beyond security. Read how. 

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    Proven to help increase agility, speed time-to-market and grow operational resiliency, many organizations are turning to DevOps methodologies to address increasingly competitive marketplaces and quickly evolving customer needs.

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    Machine learning is fast-paced with new data sets added all the time. Juggling these changes while building an accurate model and effectively deploying ML models can be a challenge. Read our analysis of the new solution from AWS designed to help streamline the process.

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    Is the skills gap a myth? Read how you can address it by focusing on specific traits rather than short-lived skills.


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    Learn how an enterprise telecom provider activated SRE metrics to gain greater visibility and achieve faster application feedback for increased customer satisfaction.

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    Explore five foundational cloud elements that should be in place to facilitate a successful cloud initiatives with suggested acceptance criteria, and how repeatable epics help provide best practice guard rails and the ability to speed time to value. 

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    With a data lakehouse, teams can start to achieve turnkey data democratization at any budget and scale. Learn how an AWS data lake can benefit from these and other lakehouse architecture benefits.

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    Modernizing legacy systems to take advantage of cloud computing is a clear directive for many agencies, yet there are many paths to modernization. Read on as we explore five primary modernization options and our perspective on optimal phases to help.

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    As your environment complexity grows, so does the need for observability to ensure system health. Grafana and Prometheus are two popular open source choices to achieve observability of complex container environments, which has been made even easier to manage and maintain with Amazon Managed Grafana and Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus.