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    To get a better understanding of how IT is contributing to this global problem, we can begin measuring the carbon footprint. And the best way to do that with the cloud is by using built-in, cloud-native tools from Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS.

    With 2% of all carbon emissions originating in the information technology sector, enterprises must take a closer look at what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint. In this blog post, learn why it’s important to have a sustainability plan for IT workloads. This post will be followed by 3 more posts in a 4-part series.

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    NTT DATA consultants helps clients optimize their AWS infrastructure by accelerating their speed to success. AWS provides front-end web and mobile application tools for developers who need to get the most from tools and services. Together, we can span the lifecycle continuum with tools that address development, delivery, monitoring and testing, and engagement.

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    Volusion, a leader in providing e-commerce solutions to small businesses, began the process of modernizing its e-commerce platform to decrease time to market, improve scalability and extensibility. This journey involved moving the e-commerce platform from a monolithic to microservices architecture with an automated, efficient and reliable application deployment process. Keptn from Dynatrace was selected as the control plane for DevOps automation of Volusion’s cloud-native applications. This blog post discusses why this architecture was designed and highlights the benefits of a good implementation.

    Site Reliability Engineering, or SRE for short, is the practice of product reliability delivered by incorporating software engineering methods to manage application ecosystems, to solve operations issues and to provide toil-reducing automation. Fundamentally, the SRE role is focused on availability, latency, performance, efficiency, change management, monitoring, emergency planning and capacity planning. These SRE responsibilities, or tenets, are achieved primarily through automation. Inclusion of the Agile Pod concept into an organization’s SRE practice can yield enormous benefits such as greater reliability, higher release velocity and reduced toil.

    DevOps Adoption Case Study Developing a Tomcat Cloud Migration

    Cloud migrations can seem like complicated tasks and AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN), a newly offered migration service, helps remove the complication.

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    Start your cloud journey off on the right foot with this starter guide. Learn the right mindset approaches and essential elements for the journey ahead.

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    Cloud elasticity helps organization's obtain greater uptime, fault tolerance, and business continuity. Yet, spanning across regions for even greater application availability has been a challenge. Read how that's changing with federated Kubernetes clusters using EKS and KubeFed.

    Internet of Things

    Industry analysts and technology providers identify Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as the top domains of innovation involving cloud technologies. It makes sense that the technologies go together, as advanced IoT implementations are usually integrated with ML services. The massive R&D investment made by hyperscale cloud providers, such as Amazon and Microsoft, confirms the industry’s high expectation for IoT growth. In this blog post, you’ll learn about Industrial IoT (IIoT) use cases, how they are best architected and the potential challenges of the cloud IIoT journey.

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    Proven to help increase agility, speed time-to-market and grow operational resiliency, many organizations are turning to DevOps methodologies to address increasingly competitive marketplaces and quickly evolving customer needs.

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    As part of a five year strategic initiative to modernize, NTT DATA worked with a leading financial services firm to to bring their data into a Snowflake data lake on AWS, helping accelerate the hydration of the data lake, achieving faster time to value.

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    Machine learning is fast-paced with new data sets added all the time. Juggling these changes while building an accurate model and effectively deploying ML models can be a challenge. Read our analysis of the new solution from AWS designed to help streamline the process.

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    If you’re watching a football game and wonder the quarterback’s completion probability, how far the ball traveled, how many yards a receiver gained, how fast defenders closed in on the quarterback, and a whole lot more, then read about how AWS Next Gen Stats helps viewers like you enjoy the game with real-time insights into player performance.

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    Explore five foundational cloud elements that should be in place to facilitate a successful cloud initiatives with suggested acceptance criteria, and how repeatable epics help provide best practice guard rails and the ability to speed time to value. 

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    Read how a Ubuntu upgrade gave this developer 40% more time to dedicate to strategic work while growing security and improving its testing regime.

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    With a data lakehouse, teams can start to achieve turnkey data democratization at any budget and scale. Learn how an AWS data lake can benefit from these and other lakehouse architecture benefits.