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    Logging and monitoring legacy code can feel like a game of Whack-a-Mole with alerts popping up everywhere. Learn how to right-size your legacy log levels with these strategies.

    Person dressed in white suit overlooking multiple octagonal steps floating in the sky

    Implementing hybrid and multi-cloud environments across a large enterprise can be challenging. Start on the right path with these four steps.

    Tree made of glowing digital branches

    As more engineers use infrastructure as code (IaC), a guide is needed to determine the best approach to branch and deploy IaC repositories. Consider these four factors when selecting the best branching strategy for your IaC repositories.

    Good AWS Security Hygiene: Limit Risk With Security by Design

    DevOps aspirations of the last decade have evolved significantly, impacting DevOps in 2021. Learn how and why through the tale of two clients.

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    As the use of IaC, containers and Kubernetes grows, so too does GitOps popularity. To facilitate these goals are a new breed of tool.

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    Help stay compliant to your organization’s security posture with these nine principles to effective secrets management.

    Digital Cloud

    Cloud configuration errors are a growing risk. To help, we’ve compiled a list of strategies and tactics your team can employ to proactively reduce the likelihood of misconfiguration errors in your environment.

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    Data is an integral part of machine learning (ML) and the ability to query and visualize data from different sources is critical. Read how NTT DATA helped one client create and implement a dashboard solution to get the most of their ML data.

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    The practice of adapting DevOps processes like CI and CD for Infrastructure as Code, GitOps is particularly helpful for the development, deployment, management, and monitoring of cloud-native, containerized applications running on Kubernetes.

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    Having a well-architected, designed and deployed Azure landing zone is critical to cloud success. Ensure a sound foundation with these fundamental architecture patterns and design principles. 

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    Competing with established, decades-old market leaders, this building supply company sought to evolve its IT department to proactively drive business.  Read how it gained business agility through AWS services that allowed it to quickly spin up scalable applications to address rapidly changing customer buying behaviors.

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    IDG MarketPulse survey reveals that cloud computing is a leading strategy to achieve IT services delivery goals. To make a cloud investment strategic, establish a platform that will support a broader business strategy. 

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    Cloud-based innovation doesn't come from lifting and shifting what you already have into the cloud. Instead, shift your IT culture and mindset, focusing on how the cloud can serve the business. 

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    Read how one utility freed up critical IT team time by automating the onboarding of workloads to Microsoft Azure, ensuring security and increasing its ability to scale.

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    Does the new AWS SaaS Boost deliver on its promise to accelerate the migration of monolithic applications to a SaaS model? Read the results of our test drive.