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Crystal balls. They have been used by seers, fortune tellers, wizards and psychics to foresee events, to look back into the recesses of the past or to reveal shrouded truths and knowledge. In the Wizard of Oz, an imprisoned Dorothy, longing to go home, gazed into the crystal ball and saw her Aunt Em, while many characters from the Lord of Rings made use of the Palantir, the seeing stones that could communicate and see across time and space, into the future and into the past.

    ●  What if a Quality Assurance (QA) Manager could spy into such a crystal ball that could soul search his or her project and reveal vulnerabilities, deficiencies, glitches and oversights and also look into the future to reveal possible complications, obstacles or breakdowns or cite remedial what-if scenarios?
    ●  What if a know-all product could tell you — based on certain algorithms — that you should release Module 1 and 3, but hold back and run some more test cases for Module 2 and 4?
    ●  What if this product could also tell you that you need to place resources with specific skills for testing Module 2 and 4?
    ●  What if this product could tell you that, of the 5,000 test cases that you have to test, 3,000 are actually redundant and that you could skip them without risking product quality?

Wishful thinking, you might say. There’s no magic in QA, you might say. But wait, is there?

Well, yes! It’s not magic, but it’s definitely magical.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Test Engine by NTT DATA Services is an innovative analytics-driven testing engine that uses elements of intelligent robotic automation technologies (such as machine learning, test analytics and natural language processing) to help QA managers take critical decisions successfully.

We used this tool for a banking customer who, on average, had about 400 applications and earlier relied on lobbying, literally, for applications release. This time the banking customer looked to our AI Test Engine tool to help decide on the right products to release. And they did so successfully. Our tool also helped a networks solutions company successfully prioritize the automated scripts they should run.

What makes AI Test Engine unique?

  • It uses analytics-driven planning to improve test effectiveness
  • It has the ability to consolidate all the QC data and predict the health of all the modules
  • It can identify potential quality gaps prior to the release
  • It parses through all the test cases and compares them to requirements intelligently, identifying duplicates and redundancies; it can reduce the number of tests while increasing coverage

AI Test Engine is one component of our Intelligent QA suite of solutions and methodologies that uses automation tools, predictive analytics and optimization solutions to improve test quality and reduce time to deployment.

Read this fact sheet to learn more about AI Test Engine and how NTT DATA achieves superior test acceleration using an intelligent QA approach.

Post Date: 7/25/2017

Amod Bhalerao Amod Bhalerao

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Amod Arun Bhalerao leads Innovation efforts for NTT DATA's QAT practice. He has been testing software products for the past 25 years. His key skills include, Test Automation, IoT Testing and using Machine Learning for Testing. Amod has made significant contributions to Mobility Testing, NFT and DevOps over the past decade. He lives by the motto: Customer First. He is a published author, speaker and holds a Master’s degree from the Drexel University, Philadelphia.