A Smoother Path to Hotel Bookings?

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Kelly McGuire, author of The Analytic Hospitality Executive blog, has been doing some soul searching. In a recent post, she writes that hotels have a long way to go to really make it easy to do business with them. “Consumers now compare their interactions with hospitality companies to every service industry company they do business with — and their expectations are getting higher and higher,” she says.

That’s why she’s intrigued by NTT DATA’s Customer Friction FactorSM framework, which quantifies the amount of friction around every component of a customer interaction, allowing executives to receive an overall score to compare with peer companies and drill down to see which areas have the most amount of friction. For hotels, that could mean not applying customer history knowledge (saving room preferences), unintuitive interfaces (potential customers can’t find the “book here” button on the website), or requiring customers to switch communication channels (internet to email, for example).

Read Kelly McGuire and NTT DATA’s Faith Marshall’s take on how the Customer Friction Factor framework could be applied to help hotels quickly find the rough areas and begin smoothing them out.

Post Date: 9/25/2016

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