Imagining Payers as the Center of Care

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Advances we are long used to in industries like banking and retail still have not arrived in healthcare. We can deposit checks at ATMs any time of day or night, transfer funds from our smartphones, and buy a needed item with a single click—but the healthcare system is awkward and frustrating. Worse, it lacks customer centricity, to the point where patients cannot even view their own medical records.

In “The Consumerization of Healthcare,” Leaving the Site Icon published on Advance Healthcare Network, we reimagine the healthcare system with the payer as the coordination center. We follow an example case, Stacy, as she works with her insurer’s care coordinator to decide where to seek treatment for a shoulder injury, receive a prescription by overnight delivery, evaluate arm braces via email, and avoid a repeat visit to her primary care physician by being scheduled with an orthopedic specialist when her condition does not improve.

 In other words, a healthcare system in which the patient is at the center of the model, with the payer at the center of the coordination of care.

Post Date: 5/30/2016

Adam Nelson

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