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Not long ago, application modernization focused on updating legacy mainframes. Today, web-based applications only a few years old are often considered outdated.

There are many reasons for this shift, but they start with social, mobile, and cloud technologies. When a five-year-old dismisses a cell phone bought a year ago as not good enough to play games on, we begin to realize the extent to which our world has been altered.

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If the one constant is change, then modernization is a continuous process. For those involved with IT strategy, that means consistently asking ourselves these questions:

  1. 1How critical is it to modernize these applications?
  2. 2How much revenue will these modernized applications generate?
  3. 3What will be the repercussions of not modernizing soon/now?

It’s also important to realize the generational schism at play. Today’s IT whiz kids have no sense of how systems were built two decades ago. Yet if an accounts payable manager wants to approve invoices using his smartphone or an insurance agent wants to approve a policy change using her tablet, IT may be faced with figuring out how to get that data into and out of a mainframe system. 

The bottom line is this: today’s modernization projects are rife with challenges. We must not only not only determine the risk involved with migrating critical applications and sensitive data to new platforms, we must also establish whether or not there will be positive ROI from the project. In my next post, I’ll outline the steps needed to begin making those determinations.

Illustrations - Vishwesh Bhat
Graphics - Vijay Sathyavaradhan

Post Date: 9/14/2015

Vishwesh Bhat

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 Vishwesh Bhat is a Solution Architect - Mainframes with more than 17 years’ experience. His primary focus areas include the analysis and research around the Application Modernization and methodologies. He is also a noted cartoonist and musician, and has composed music for Kaizen, Innovar, Kizuna, the NTTDATA company song, and the iPAD act series, as well as many other initiatives. He currently is based in Bangalore, India.