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This year at Mobile World Congress (MWC), “The Edge of Innovation” theme was apparent in every aspect of the show, from product announcements to keynotes from tech gurus. As a leading technology services provider, NTT DATA took part in the excitement by contributing its gamification expertise to the mix. In a panel moderated by Brian Burke from Gartner, Imran Sayeed and Naureen Meraj highlighted some of their favorite NTT DATA offerings – the “gamified” Mobile Sales Training app and the Digital 3.0 suite of mobile solutions.

Our NTT DATA experts also participated in various sessions about the products and solutions that truly are at the cutting edge of innovation. Here are Imran and Naureen’s top five MWC highlights:

  1. 1A close relative of gamification, the Immersive Experience creates a hyper-personalized way for customers to interact with a product by connecting all of their virtual selves, resulting in an enveloping user experience.
  2. 2New products announced at the show consistently focus on device and infrastructure security to protect personal and enterprise data.
  3. 3Banks and merchants are preparing for the increase in mobile payment platforms and increased use of Near Field Communication (NFC) in the U.S. market.
  4. 4Data analytics continue to be a critical factor in the connected world by driving decisions in business and product development.
  5. 5People-centric experiences and a push towards broader mobile accessibility have led companies like Google, IBM, Telefonica and Microsoft to appoint chief accessibility officers. This role will ensure future product roadmaps include more accessibility options for all types of wearables, from smart glasses and watches to hearing devices and camera necklaces.

At NTT DATA, these five key areas of growth are taken into consideration with every new solution and development. Our experts are in tune with the technological advances that will create the greatest impact on businesses and users in the near future, which gives us a competitive edge that is continually passed along to our clients.

Post Date: 3/31/2015

Shamlan Siddiqi - NTT DATA Shamlan Siddiqi Vice President, Data as an Asset

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