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In today's “Digital” world, always-connected consumers and businesses are demanding greater sophistication and easier access to services and data than ever before. This is forcing enterprise transformation of legacy to new digital products and services, and both innovating systems of engagement and renovating systems of engagement. The essential element and enabler of this transformation and innovation is mobile.

According to a survey by the Altimeter Group Digital Transformation Survey, 2014, 80% of respondents said their main focus was Improving processes that expedite changes to digital properties, i.e.,. Website updates, new mobile or social platforms.  71% of respondents were focused on updating their website and ecommerce programs for a mobile world and 70% of respondents were focused on integrating all social, mobile, web, ecommerce, service efforts and investments to deliver an integrated and frictionless customer experience.   The consistent theme across all the respondents focus areas was mobile.

Organizations, led by CEOs, CMOs, CTOs and CIOs  are in the process of leveraging mobile technologies to doing the following:

  • Create new business models and strategies to stay relevant and take advantage of the current digital disruption
  • Create customer-centric, highly usable, accessible, engaging enterprise applications for multiple platforms and channels
  • Understand how to use new emerging technologies (Mobile, cloud, social etc.) to cater to a broad and diverse market segment with a focus on the millennial generation

While cloud, social, BI/ Analytics, ecommerce, content management etc. are all critical and play a big part, mobile is the glue that connects these disparate pieces and caters to the consumer of today’s and future generations.  

When you look at some of the most prominent examples of digital disruption in the industry – Uber, Ingenie, AirBnB and GiffGaff just to name a few, all of these are either mobile-based platforms or leverage mobile extensively.

Part of the promise of digital business is access to data any time anywhere. Rich user experiences and omni-channel immersive experiences are now becoming a norm rather than a value add. This necessitates the need for a mobile channel for all digital initiatives within organizations.

As CIOs plan and prepare to drive digital business within their organizations, it will be imperative to develop business-driven strategies that align to a mobile roadmap. That roadmap should also align to their IT strategic planning and Enterprise Architecture planning initiative, ensuring that future projects are inclusive of a mobile component.  This will be instrumental in staying competitive.

Post Date: 1/12/2015

Shamlan Siddiqi - NTT DATA Shamlan Siddiqi Vice President, Data as an Asset

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Shamlan leads our Data Advisory and Transformation group, which is responsible for supporting clients' data management, data science and advanced analytics, data integration, cloud data platforms and intelligent automation. A published author and speaker, Shamlan previously served as the CTO for Public Sector and leader of the Digital Experience practice. He is a results-oriented leader with an extensive track record developing and leading the implementation of innovative solutions and strategies that enable digital transformation in support of organizational objectives.­