Enhancing Modernization Success: Selecting the Right Provider

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Many enterprises do not have significant experience building the business case for and implementing a comprehensive modernization program; thus, having a trusted modernization partner provides a significant advantage.

Questions to consider when evaluating and selecting such a partner include: Does the provider have the necessary experience? Can you trust the provider to put your organization’s interests first and foremost? It is also wise to look at the vendor’s overall strategy for modernization. Does it begin with unique business and strategic requirements or is it more technically focused? For example, does the vendor include both business and technical analysts on the initial team?

The following checklist of vendor qualifications should help guide organizations in identifying the right partner for their modernization initiatives:

  • A large global footprint that can support a worldwide enterprise
  • Appropriate vertical industry expertise and a deep understanding of the organization’s business
  • A proven Application Management methodology and Modernization Framework
  • The ability to assist in building a persuasive business case
  • Expertise in establishing baseline assessments and planning the evolution of existing application portfolio and infrastructure
  • Relevant first-hand experience in leveraging new technologies and approaches, such as cloud, social, mobile, and big data
  • A profound understanding of legacy applications and infrastructure
  • A broad spectrum of modernization tools, techniques, and best practices

With the right partner, organizations will possess an advantage in developing and enhancing applications portfolios and associated infrastructure that will increase productivity, lower costs, and assist in the attainment of business objectives.

Post Date: 2/10/2015

Shamlan Siddiqi - NTT DATA Shamlan Siddiqi Vice President, Data as an Asset

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