Consumers Use Mobile Innovation to Drive Business Change

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Have you ever made an effort to catch up with technology, only to find out that when you thought you reached your goal you were behind again? To remain relevant in your industry — and more importantly, to stay ahead of your competition — it is essential to focus on where things will be rather than trying to modernize what you have to today’s standards. And, as more and more consumers are taking the driver’s seat, businesses have to rethink how they will function. In many cases, introducing mobile innovation is part of tomorrow’s business success.

Mobility and Convenience

Think back to the days of cameras, film, developing, and photo albums.  Consumers began to purchase and use digital cameras, and this had a massive impact on this industry.  With the usage of digital cameras, memory cards began to take the place of film.  Photo printers then replaced film developing, and many kiosks were stood up at businesses to allow consumers to print their photos rather than develop film.

Today, consumers have smartphones and tablets that have high-quality cameras built in.  A huge change here is the convenience of always having a camera with you.  Being able to take a picture any time that you want became more important in many cases than the overall quality of the photo.  Consumers are now sharing photos instantly through social networking sites, eliminating the need to print and store physical photos.  Smartphones and tablets are also replacing consumer video cameras.  Consumers now have one device to solve all of their needs and it is always with them.  The other interesting thing is that consumers are now beginning to have access to all of their photos on all of their devices all of the time.

Mobility and Social Media

This always online, instant gratification, and sharing means no waiting, no paper, tapes, or discs.  In an instant you can capture photos and videos and socialize with friends, family, and colleagues.  The old concerns around quality have been set aside by the instant gratification and convenience.

A side effect of this has been the ability for many businesses to cash in on free marketing and promotion of their brand, products, services, and locations.  Not only do consumers take a picture, but they check-in and post where they are and what they are doing.  Their social connections comment, share, and further spread the word while they are still there.

While the photo industry may not be applicable to your business, the changes that have occurred there show how quickly something that we take for granted can change seemingly overnight. 

Mobility and Beyond

So, in what path is your industry going and who is leading the charge?  Is the consumer driving change in your industry yet?  Your best strategy, regardless of who is leading the drive, is to get ahead of the curve and influence the change as much as you can.  At a minimum, you should be aware of where things are going and how that could, and most probably will, affect how you do business.

Post Date: 6/19/2014

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