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The market for cloud technology and integrated services has transitioned from early adopters and successful pilots to mainstream use by enterprises. According some industry research, 80% of organizations will be using cloud services in some form within 12 months.

The benefits that continue to draw organizations to the cloud remain the same: the need for organizational flexibility, dynamic scalability of applications and infrastructure, faster time-to-market, and cost efficiency. Cloud computing is not just a trend. It is changing the way IT organizations drive business value.

As the cloud goes mainstream, it is important for organizations to understand the different options available, as well as their advantages and tradeoffs.  My next several blog posts will provide clear definitions of cloud services and deployment models, and how each may benefit – or put at risk – aspects of a business.

In addition, I’ll explain the importance of taking a holistic approach to ensure cloud adoption, migration, and integration is smooth and seamless.

    - Ryan Reed, Cloud Evangelist

Post Date: 6/9/2014

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