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The most successful modernization projects achieve their goals on time and on budget by adhering to proven methodologies and by collaborating with experienced system integrators. The system integrators' track record and expertise are essential to handle the risks and have known mitigation strategies in place for the most common issues.

These system integrators will look for such issues as:

  • Communication breakdown between different organizational initiatives
    • New applications are added without any regard for whether they can communicate with the existing applications, e.g. New Java applications deployed on Web, yet disconnected from transactional hosts
  • Big bang, rip-and-replace attitude
    • Whole replacement of legacy applications without any proper application evaluation
    • Zeal to replace legacy applications because they can’t integrate with new applications
  • Lack of objective analysis for modernization approach
    • Tendency to use one size fits all solution
    • Failure to analyze each application on its own merit and apply the most applicable technique
    • Lack of meaningful metrics to drive modernization decisions
  • Lack of exhaustive application inventory
    • Failure to track rudimentary information like asses inventory, cost and ownership data
    • Absence of objective decision making based on economic and strategic information
  • Technical Elitism
    • Inclination towards new technology over business value
  • Lack of visibility into process and business rules
    • Legacy systems have evolved over years and comprehensive documentation on processes and underlying business rules may not be available
    • Business rules are embedded in the code across various modules and code segments which makes documenting business rules difficult
  • Conversion of historic data to new format
    • Millions of data records exist in old format that may need migration to the new systems
    • In addition to translating the formats, data may be lacking integrity checks and may require cleansing

Always partner with an experienced systems integrator to ensure your modernization journey will complete on time and within budget.

Post Date: 1/22/2014

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