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Infrastructure Managed Services

Enable IT-as-a-service model for your future-ready enterprise

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Align IT functions with your business strategy and workforce expectations.

Key tenets of an innovation-focused partnership

Our Infrastructure Managed Services are designed to enhance and automate your IT environment, so you can free up in-house staff to focus on core business and pursue innovation. Catering to the core components of your infrastructure and operations, we provide rapid access to world-class expertise, tools, automation, and industry-best methodologies to support your business growth and enhance your workforce experience.

The foundational differentiator of our services is the Enterprise Service Management and Automation strategy, which allows you to take optimal advantage of a service-centric approach to IT management. 

We focus on integrating heterogeneous IT infrastructures and support models, through our modular Enterprise Tools and Integration architecture and SAGE solution sets — to simplify operations, provide holistic visibility and control, and enable a true business-aligned IT.


Our solutions

Data Center Managed Services
Save time, money and resources with automation-enabled IT lifecycle management services for your hybrid data center infrastructure.
End User Managed Services
Transform your workplace with automation, virtualization, self-serviceability and consumerization to enable an end-user experience focused environment.
Managed Security Services
Build and proactively evolve a secure IT infrastructure to enable data integrity, availability and confidentiality, with reduced administrative burden.
Services Automation and Governance Ecosystem (SAGE)
Leverage a unique construct for enterprise IT automation that delivers meaningful and measureable business outcomes.