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Application Modernization Services

Start your journey to a simplified environment

Harness the full potential of your applications, simplify your IT environment and easily leverage cloud, mobility and virtualization. Reduce IT costs, enhance business agility and be certain of the future.

65% improvement in delivery time for new customer-requested services 

Every application has a finite lifespan and the cost to maintain it only grows over time. Don’t let aging applications become barriers to innovation, data sharing, and agility. We offer a wide range of application modernization services that shift IT spend from maintenance to innovation, and change the focus from cost-savings to business agility. Unlike silo-ed services that other firms provide, we use a proven, integrated approach that offers flexibility, uncovers new sources of revenue and creates an adaptive enterprise.

Application modernization can lead to a 49% improvement in mean time to deploy new services and 43% reduction in IT staff time to “keep the lights on”

Simplifying the application landscape and reducing costs

Our end-to-end portfolio includes: strategic modernization road mapping, application re-hosting and re-architecture, mid-tier modernization migration and application retirement factory. And our unique and patented IP, flexible engagement model and our years of experience in this space uniquely positions us to provide established methodologies and single point of accountability for our customers.

13% improvement on time to develop new applications

50% improvement in time to fold in a new company

Client Success Story: A Specialty Insurer Reduces TCO by 25%

We help organizations become more efficient, responsive and competitive. Modernization can lower ongoing operational costs and better position a business to address new requirements such as cloud computing, mobility and virtualization. Simplification is not an endpoint. It’s a journey.

Our Solutions:

Application Portfolio Rationalization

Working from your business strategy, we collect and analyze data to deliver fact-based application portfolio insights. You get the hard data you need − based on key performance indicators − to prioritize your IT budget and investment for application portfolio rationalization, simplification, and modernization. This service enables you to identify opportunities to lower cost, reduce risk, and make better-informed, more objective decisions.

Application Re-architecture

NTT DATA Services application re-architecting is a proven methodology to protect your business logic and application assets during transformation to a modern architecture. Our patented IP manages all project aspects: data migration, code generation, design and analysis of existing, and new application states, and includes support for a large number of source languages (including COBOL, RPG, Pacbase, MUMPS and more). If your enterprise struggles with a lack of business agility and a growing backlog of requests, application re-architecture can transform things dramatically. You will benefit from agile architectures that allow your business to continue to grow, quickly adapt and respond to changes in business demands such as cloud computing, virtualization and mobile deployment. You will reduce time, effort and cost to add new functionality, while accelerating business growth. And you will lower operating costs and mitigate risk by conforming to industry-specific compliance regulations. See how we can dramatically reduce the amount of custom code in your legacy application portfolio without changing workflows or the way you do business.

Application Re-hosting

Application re-hosting addresses high annual operational costs, investment protection for legacy applications, and issues related to complex, aging IT systems. Our application re-hosting solutions move existing business logic and data investments onto modern platforms. Re-hosting cuts the annual operating costs associated with legacy systems for many customers by 30 to 70 percent, while providing a safe path forward for IT assets. With an end-to-end solution approach that includes software, hardware and services, NTT DATA Services application re-hosting reduces the costs and complexities of application modernization initiatives. We can re-host legacy applications from a variety of platforms including mainframes and legacy UNIX® systems. With over 1,300 installations worldwide, NTT DATA Services has a large and proven reference base for re-hosting mainframe environments such as IBM® CICS® applications, IBM IMS™ transactions and COBOL programs. Our technology is the result of nearly two decades of product development and is complemented by a reference architecture that addresses the complete environment including third-party tools and utilities. Let us help you re-host your applications to dramatically reduce operating costs and enhance the way you do.

Application Retirement Factory

NTT DATA helps you make better use of all your resources −financial, human, and technical − by systematically retiring outdated applications. We follow a process that includes impact analysis, decommission planning, data extraction, and system decommissioning. You choose the retirement option that best suits your business while ensuring that data is preserved for regulatory compliance.

Mid-Tier Modernization

When maintaining legacy platforms, innovation is sacrificed in order to maintain the status quo. With enterprises in today’s business environment expected to do more with less, this is an unacceptable trade-off. Legacy systems, particularly those built on UNIX platforms, are rigid and expensive to maintain. The solution? Migrating to open standards or open source platforms. It’s time to take advantage of legacy modernization through technologies like service-oriented architecture (SOA), cloud, virtualization and mobility. Our Mid-tier Application Modernization Services helps you go from closed, proprietary UNIX systems to open, agile x86 systems. Embrace the agility, reduced maintenance costs and latest advancements of x86 technology, including physical, virtual and cloud-based architectures. As a leading provider of Linux® solutions — with a long working relationship with top vendors such as Red Hat®, Oracle® and SAP® — NTT DATA Services can help make migration easier than you think.

Our services cover the entire application migration lifecycle, including:
• Application migration consulting
• Assessment and analysis
• Technical assessment
• Migration delivery
• Testing and deployment

Strategic Modernization Roadmap

You already know the value of modernizing applications. Legacy systems are cumbersome and expensive to maintain, and standards-based platforms better equip your applications for cost-effective growth and scaling. Your modernization journey starts with rationalization – but a clear definition of needs is just the start. You also need an understanding of the end goal – and the starting point. NTT DATA Services can help. Our Strategic Modernization Roadmap services help you assess your current state, your requirements, and your desired outcomes through the development and implementation of a modernization roadmap. Our three-phase approach includes discovery, analysis and planning. Gain a deeper understanding of the applications, databases and processes that run in your data center today and map out a modernization strategy for the future.

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