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Higher Education Services

Enable students and administration, boosting graduation rates and empowering programs

We help you strategize on ways to deliver and invest in network infrastructure, next-generation instructional video solutions and cybersecurity.

Get the right IT strategy in place to increase student success rates in a connected, secure environment

Today’s colleges and universities operate in a highly competitive landscape. Technology is the change agent in transformation, but aging infrastructures, tight budgets and pressures to keep data secure and compliant can all work against you.

As an IT department, your costs can be unpredictable, especially when funding depends on factors like grants and external stipends – and too often, it’s subject to budget cuts. Despite these constraints, you’re asked to use leverage technology and meet today’s expectations like online education, cloud, mobile and BYOD. Security is front and center, and you’re tasked with protecting student and employee data on all fronts.

Partner with us and be up to these formidable tasks.

We can help you


Transform the higher education experience


Meet classroom goals and stay on budget


Embrace new learning environments and improve graduation rates

Transform the learning experience

Efficient, agile applications enable today’s higher education student to excel. From re-hosting and re-platforming to code re-engineering to replacement of legacy custom applications with new packaged applications, we help address your unique requirements.


Create a connected campus

Support application development and maintenance of legacy platforms and address demands for mobile applications and BYOD. Adopt a connected campus that allows students and administration to work together seamlessly.


Save money and boost capabilities

Reduce year-over-year costs and enable flexibility through secure public, private or hybrid cloud solutions. We help you develop a strategy built around the needs of your unique stakeholders – from students, faculty, administrators and alumni.


Reap the benefits of digital

The digital era allows colleges and universities to engage students throughout all phases of the college experience, from recruitment to graduation and beyond. Our comprehensive digital solutions can make this a reality.


Get more from your resources

Get a single point of accountability for all services, hardware and software that comprise your infrastructure. This gives your staff the time and resources to achieve your institution’s educational goals, and benefit from an IT system that runs seamlessly.