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Modernize Your IT

It’s time to elevate IT to do more than simply run the business. Modernization can help technology go from merely efficient and reactive to effective and proactive. It enables the connection of people, places, processes and systems, while delivering greater visibility into your business.

With a proven end-to-end modernization approach, NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services, can help your IT quickly adapt to changing market conditions. It includes cloud-enabled infrastructure services, proprietary application modernization tools and techniques, and automated business process optimization to help you engage customers, empower your workforce and face the IT challenges of tomorrow.

Our modernization solutions can help you:
Increase business agility: Focus on innovation, use new technologies effectively and support new business initiatives.
Balance costs: Reduce the cost of your critical systems to make room in the budget for modernization solutions that deliver rapid business results.
Grow your business: Reveal new sources of revenue with optimized technology that lets you focus on innovative, value-added strategic objectives.
Engage your customers: Enable mobility, to engage with customers anytime, anywhere and ensure a superior customer experience.
Empower your workforce: Increase productivity, efficiency and satisfaction by providing mobile capabilities to your 24x7, on-the-go workforce.
Get the technology you need: Prepare for the always-on digital world of Internet of Things, cloud computing, software as a service and more.
Stay secure: Protect your critical data and customer information from security threats.

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Realize the true business value of existing and new technology

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Proprietary application modernization tools and techniques:

Migrating and modernizing legacy systems can make your application environments more efficient, responsive and competitive. We can help you build an end-to-end solution that includes cutting-edge technology such as cloud computing, mobility and virtualization.

We take an innovative, fixed-price approach to modernization engagements —whether you want to assess your portfolio, re-architect or re-host your applications. Out solutions can help you significantly increase your return on investment. Application re-architecture can reduce lines of code by 60-80 percent, and a mainframe re-hosting solution can lower costs by 30-70 percent.

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Cloud-enabled infrastructure services:

Enable anytime, anywhere workforce and customer solutions on any device with cloud infrastructure services. Cloud offers the benefits of efficiency, intelligent storage, scalability and self-service computing — helping you reduce costs and increase productivity.

Our global partnerships give you the power of choice. We can match your IT challenge with the right technology from leading providers for comprehensive cloud-enabled infrastructure services. Our secure, transformative solutions are fast and flexible, enabling you to quickly meet the technology needs of your organization.

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Automated business process optimization:

Our Business Process Services can help you identify business process inefficiencies and implement effective solutions. With in-depth experience and custom automation technologies for industries such has healthcare and insurance, we can help you:
• Streamline operations
• Improve productivity
• Ensure compliance
• Put valuable resources to better use
• Keep business moving 24x7
• Reduce costs